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Pheromones: Do they really attract the opposite sex?

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pheromones: Do they really attract the opposite sex?

There are tons of companies out there selling products that contain synthetic pheromones and claim to help you to attract the opposite sex, but do we know how it works?  If it works?  And I want to explain what pheromones are and how they work on the human brain. There IS a reason that you are attracted to the people that you are attracted to, and it is a little more than skin deep!

What are Pheromones?
Pheromones are chemicals excreted that triggers a response in members of the same species.  There are pheromones that alert as a danger alarm, territorial, food, aggression, informational, trail, and sex and they can only be sensed within the same species.  For example, to keep certain animals out of your garden, you can use pheromones to send the "danger" message and keep them out.  You can also use pheromones to help trap insects and prevent them from laying eggs.  And, in theory it works on humans....right?

Do pheromones work on humans?
 It was first studied in the 1890's in Germany and determined that your skin and hair follicles combined help to make your own signature scent, which therein lies your pheromones! The best example is of women who spend a lot of time together; subconsciously their bodies sync and they begin to have their menstrual cycles at the same time....and that is just from getting a slight whiff of some perspiration! So, pheromones do have an active role between humans, but will they help you land Mr./Ms. Right?

How do they work in sexual attraction?
Numerous studies have been performed that show that heterosexual women and homosexual men react the same way to male pheromones in sweat.  Male sweat contains androstadienone, which is easily detected by your olfactory sense (sense of smell).  Also, it was shown that homosexual women did not respond to the sweat with androstadienone but responded appropriately to sweat with higher cortisone levels (i.e. female sweat/pheromones).  MRI's were done of subjects brains whilst exposed to pheromones and it was found that they olfactory portion of the brain was stimulated along with the right hypothalamus (contains olffactory senses and stimulates your nerves...i.e. gets you really jazzed up!), right fusiform cortex (allows for face and body recognition), and the right orbitofrontal cortex (which aides in decision-making).  Basically, all of the parts of your brain that make you feel those wonderful tingly, attraction feelings!  So, there is a reason that you are attracted to the ones you love, and while it sounds pretty gross, you don't mind smelling their sweaty bodies after a workout...and why doing active things together will actually keep you attracted to each other long term!!

Do synthetic pheromones work?
There are tons of companies that sell colognes/perfumes with pheromones in them, and they claim that it will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.  Sadly, there is absolutely no research to support that synthetic pheromones work; it is only the real deal pheromones that work.  They have been studied extensively and there is nothing that shows they work like straight animal sweat!  Good smelling perfume/cologne can mix well with your natural pheromones to enhance them; which is why some colognes smell great on certain people and not so great on others.

So, skip the expensive synthetic pheromones and go sniff some armpits at the gym if you want to find your mate!! Pheromones are something that go to work without you even realizing it, but it makes sense why you are super attracted to certain people, and not others, it isn't all looks when it comes to physical can be sweat too!!

Yours in Good Health


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