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Better OUT than IN....but do you need an assist??

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Better OUT than IN....but do you need an assist??

So, I know that I mentioned a guest blogger for today....but that will come tomorrow, apparently a little editing was needed ;) Plus, I received and interesting text from an unnamed friend, who was looking for some advice on one of my favorite topics: poop. She wanted to know my feelings on colonics, if they were good for you, and also a cleanse to lose some weight. So, here we go!!

There are are multiple type of colonics that are done at various "clinics" out there. There are colonics, colonic irrigations, high colonics, colonic hydrotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, colon lavage, and enemas. The first six mentioned colonics are are basically the same thing, the process consists of going to a clinic, and they have you remove clothes from the waist down and drape your body. A probe is inserted into our rectum, and a constant flow of water is released high into your colon and the evacuation tube drains out all of the contents of your colon into a basin. They sometimes massage your abdomen to help the fluid drain out. Most places require you to take herbal supplements and only eat raw fruits and vegetables, and no caffeine, for a few days before the procedure. An enema can be done at home, and consists of filling a bag with water (either it comes pre-filled like a Fleets enema or you can fill the bag with tap water) and, again, insert the tip into your rectum, the difference here is that you let the water release into your rectum and you retain it for as long as you can, then release into the toilet.

The clinics and alternative medicine practitioners that encourage colonics and enemas claim that the benefits are relief from gas, fatigue, headache, irritability, skin irritation, lethargy, and constipation. They also state that the process removes toxic parasites from your colon which allows you to feel better, and that is what is creating the overall sense of feeling better. They state that you will have a flatter belly, you will feel lighter, and you will restore the body to its natural balance.

So, to each his/her own, but I don't believe that this process is necessary to "restore the body to its natural balance". I think that you all know my feelings as far as a healthy, balanced diet, exercise, plenty of water (at least 2 liters a day), and NO SODA!! People who are on a raw food diet have the same claims that the colonic clinics do, and I must say, when I was on a raw food diet, I felt great! I had tons of energy and felt great, granted it was a very difficult diet to obtain in everyday life, because I hate being a pain at restaurants, and I don't want to force friends to eat raw food because of me! So, do you feel better because you had water put into your colon and poop flushed out instead of letting your body go itself, or because you were on a healthier diet before you had the procedure done?

As well, your colon goes through something called peristalsis, and that is when the colon contracts and relaxes, and gives you the feeling that you have to go to the bathroom. By taking that process away, and letting a machine do it, your colon will slow on its own, because just like any other muscle, if it doesn't have to work, then it will get weaker and slow. Your colon will work optimally if you eat fiber (in the form of whole grains, fresh veg/fruit, beans, etc), drink plenty of water, and exercise. Some people do not poop as much as they would like, but it is usually lifestyle related. Granted some people have medical issues, but work with your HCP to discuss lifestyle and medication regimes that will help you with a healthy digestive system.

And, as far as the weight loss, flatter stomach, etc related to the procedure. Yup, you will have weight loss and a flatter stomach, that is totally transient because it is related to fluid loss and as soon as you start eating and drinking again, your body goes back! There is no magic with losing weight- we all know that, so stop trying to mess with your body to lose weight! You make yourself miserable, completely imbalance our body, so you don't feel well, all to fit into your skinny pants for one day? That is why celebrities do these fads...the week before red carpet events- only to fit into a dress!! I can see why it is easy for people to get hooked on them, people begin to link feeling good with a colonic, but if you live a healthy lifestyle, it is cheaper, you aren't hooked on going to a clinic to get something stuck up your butt twice a week, and you have that extra hour of spare time to relax, exercise, or go to a farmers market and make some healthy yummy food for yourself!!

And finally, the 'toxic parasites' that the clinics refer to and say that they are detrimental to your health, are actually organisms that live in your colon and create an overall colon health. Take those organisms out of the colon, they are not good little organisms, but they all work together to help breakdown food stuffs, and maintain homeostasis in your gut! An overgrowth of one or more is not good, so why are you having them flushed out? What are probiotics? Yogurt? All are ACTIVE living cultures of the organisms that are good and healthy for us. These organisms are like the yin and yang of our colon and you don't want to have too many one of and not enough of the other. Bodies find their own balance, they don't need modern medicine/science messing with them...remember, these people are running a business and want to make money. Living a balanced life is easy, free, and you can do it on your own time!

So, eat fiber, drink water, exercise, and POOP ON YOUR OWN!! :)

Yours in Good Health


PS- To prove a point that you don't need a colonic for the results they claim, I am going to go back to eating raw foods strictly on May 1st (when my local farmers markets are back!) and I will give you guys a follow up!!


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